She Stays is not just a living space. It is created with Love by Her for her. Designed to live every part of it and make it her own. She Stays while she makes friends, becomes productive all whilst making good memories.

She wakes up in a colourful room when sun shines through, goes about a wash up in the cleanest of showers, enjoys breakfast while she converses with friends in a lovely lounge area. She is all ready to make her day as productive as it can get. After making it worthwhile, she returns to her adobe only to be welcomed by the same clean premises where she can get cosy, recline before she spends the other half of the day usefully again and reward herself with dinner and retire to her bed, to rest while she breaths the cleanest air.

It is a place that makes her stay away-from-home easy. Is sure to look back and miss it fondly whenever she reminisces what she has been built while she stayed here.


All beds measure 6.5ft x 3.5ft making it more than comfortable for a good night sleep. Apart from beds amenities like WiFi, furnished kitchen, hot showers, laundry service, friendly lounge space and a study room is sure to make evenings enjoyable.


RTC X Roads

She Stays at this location is centrally located in the Hyderabad city. Situated next to police station, this is a safest place to stay. You can walk to restaurants, movie theatres, gym centres, hospitals, all with in 5-10 minutes. It is a hub of UPSC training institutes and bees who stay here are mostly preparing for upsc exams. Therefore we thrive to maintain a peaceful environment. Bus stop is right outside the building and is also located only 10 mins away from sec-bad railway station.

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Musheerabad, opp Gandhi hospital

She Stayed located near Gandhi Hospital is also located centrally in the city. You can easily walk to cafe coffee day, movie theatres, gandhi hospital, or even catch a bus which is right outside the building to go anywhere else. Most bees staying here are medicos and a mix of students preparing for upsc exams.

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Every day stories at She Stays that have been making our place come alive.
Not a place, it's a feeling
30th April, 2019

Last night Sushh and I arranged a chota student budget mix & match pastry cake with gems and little hearts..for our two warm and lovely buddies...


She Says

Tanvi Thapa

❝She stays is the best hostel in entire me I have stayed in many other hostels and faced many problems related to food, hygiene,water and owners were cheaters who raises the rent double...but when I came to she stays there was no single problem ... it's absolutely neat and clean, peaceful environment good for preparation purposes... separate study room is available... food is also good and water purifier is there, laundry is also available..... hostel mates are very nice and helpful.... icing on the cake is the owner is very nice and thoughtful person she takes care of every thing....if there is any issue let her know she will be there for you I suggest you can go for it blindly....I enjoyed my stay there😊 I give it a try πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
Pavani Srivalli

❝Perfect example of how a good hostel should be!!”@ she stays ...!!!
Anupriya Vijay

❝This is the best place to stay especially for the people who r preparing for competitive exam.....environment is peace, just like home. Management is too good and will respond to all ur needs.hostel is clean and food is good
Rajarajeswari Nandivelugu

❝We feel lyk homely environment here... Good facilities, good maintenance, nyc food...vary peaceful place... Feeling happy to stay here πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜Š